We work with This Is Not A Ketubah to fulfill any personalization changes requested by couples. Together with This Is Not A Ketubah we work with each Rabbi to ensure that the text is exactly how they desire.

So what does Personalization entail? 

Each Wood Ketubah we create includes blank spaces for information like your names, the location, the date, etc. So then at the wedding the Rabbi will fill in the information himself by hand. However many couples ask to have that information filled in beforehand, so as to have a Ketubah that comes together seamlessly with only the signatures in pen.

What do you need for Personalizing my Ketubah?

  • Your Hebrew Names
  • Your Parents’ Hebrew Names
  • Your Rabbi’s Name + Contact information
  • Depending on what you want personalized, a few other details. But not to worry — we’ll send you a form with all that information explained clearly!