The clas­sic “no two snowflakes are alike” is a known fact — what many peo­ple don’t know is, the same ap­plies to wood. How trees grow and the or­gan­ic lines of their grains are com­plete­ly unique, and no two wood pieces look the same. Thus, each Ke­tubah is unique not on­ly for its art or text, but the way in which the wood grain shows through and si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly brings out the beau­ty of the design.

We are ded­i­cat­ed to the crafts­man­ship and qual­i­ty of the wood we print on. Which is why we have cho­sen the best maple, birch, and bam­boo wood to use — not on­ly are they beau­ti­ful on their own, but they have a top of the line qual­i­ty and style. The wood pieces used for print­ing are FSC cer­ti­fied ply­wood and are about 18 mm in thick­ness. Our Wood Ke­tubahs come per­fect for hang­ing, or if you pre­fer, stand­ing up on their own.